Saturday, November 25, 2006

Goddess Envy

The question in this week’s Sunday Scribblings is “Do you have a nemesis?” I did have one at one time, a nemesis such as we use the word today: an enemy, an opponent, a source of harm. She was supposed to be my best friend. But that’s another story.

I want to talk about Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance. Daughter of the Nyx, the goddess of night. Nemesis rides in a carriage pulled by griffins (part lion, part eagle). She is the pursuer of the wicked, she will bring down justice. Nemesis punished Narcissus for being so conceited. She is sister to the Fates. There is something deep inside me that longs to be Nemesis. There is a need in me to see the world ironed out, even, fair. Plus she wore only indigo. I look good in indigo.

Nemesis also wore a sword (one of the few Greek Gods to do so), but she is not merely a source of evil and power. Think of her as the teacher of the tough lessons, disciplinarian to wayward humans. The embodiment of Karma. Nemesis is a necessary force. She is part of the balance of the universe; teaching us right from wrong and making us pay for going off the path of righteousness.

Now I’ve done it, now I am treading the waters of morality and religion. Karma and divine justice. Who is to say what is right and what is wrong? Is the world really so black and white? Unfortunately having a batch of opinions and a pocket full of indignation probably doesn’t qualify me for such a lofty position. While I’m studying up on my theology I’ll just think of myself as a Nemesis in training. I’ll keep my opinions to a minimum and keep trying to do the right thing. Someday maybe I’ll wear that sword.


paris parfait said...

Thanks for the history/background on Nemesis. I'd never considered Nemesis as the embodiment of Karma.

Becca said...

How very interesting! And it is true that, withouth the presence of evil in the world, we would have no concept or perception of what is good. The key is keeping it all in balance.

Good post!

NuttersNotes said...

Yes....most interesting. I was unaware that the word nemesis derived from a god...let alone a goddess.

As for right and wrong....what did Bill Shakespeare say...there is no good nor bad, thinking makes it so

Thanks for the piece of education

Kiyotoe said...

That's a heavy sword to carry around Repeater. I like to think of the world being that "black and white" because it makes it easier to be judgemental, right or wrong.

But it's kind of hard to overlook the gray areas of life when it comes to your own personal life and experiences.

TI said...

I didn't know the place of Nemesis in classical mythology. There is lots and lots of grey in the morality of right and wrong, that is for sure.

DJPare said...

I never knew the background - nice.
Don't you even get a little sword, while in training??

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